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Ontherapy® Lenitive soothing cream is an oil in water emulsion with liquid crystals technology, rich in plant extracts with strong soothing properties to ease inflammation and reduce redness and irritation.
The presence of dermo-similar plant lipids and ceramides favors restoration of the skin barrier and protects the skin against dehydration.
Proven anti-inflammatory activity*
*in vitro testing

Ontherapy® Lenitive is recommended for those who have undergone drug or cancer treatment and who are now suffering from xerosis (dry skin), maculopapular rash (skin rash), photosensitivity, radiation erythema, palmar-plantar desquamation (hand-foot syndrome) and post operative cutaneous edema.

- Parabens
- Isotiazolinones
- Mineral oils
- PEGs
- Allergen fragrances

● Soothing
● Nourishing
● Calming
● Regulates and reduces inflammation
● Hydrating
● Barrier effect
● Restructures the lipids in the stratum corneum (modulates the proteins in the epidermis)

Ontherapy® Lenitive cream nourishes dry, red skin, ensuring an intense moisturizing effect. Non greasy.


Skin type

Ontherapy® soothing and hydrating cream helps provide relief for irritated, dry and red skin, even during oncological therapy. High tolerability from birth – Pediatric Clinical Test.

Ideal for

Minimizes redness and itchiness. Favors restoration of the skin barrier and normalizes the skin’s natural defense mechanisms.


Several times a day, gently massage the cream into the skin with light circular movements until completely absorbed. As a poultice spread a thick even layer of lenitive cream on the area to be treated and then leaving it to act until fully absorbed.


An oil/water emulsion with liquid crystal technology; soft, pleasant and easy to apply.


By choosing this product, you support together with us the Environment and the Community. Dermophisiologique is the first company in the world in the professional dermocosmetics sector to be a certified B-Corp: a new way of doing business, transparent and responsible.

The respect of the environment starts from the selection and procedures of extraction of raw materials and follows the whole products manufacturing process, entirely Made in Italy, from the selcyion of packaging done with FCS certified paper. Inside each of Dermophisiologique's products are scientific research, continuous professional qualification and business ethics made of honesty, trustworthiness and respect for the value of the people that together with the Company share the Excellence in Quality Mission in all aspects of life.

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