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We make sense of your skin.

We just love skin, and we love to energize it with products that respect its natural physiology.

We're an Italian company that has been actively involved in dermatological and scientific research for over 40 years. Our goal is to create cosmetic products and methods of treatment closely linked to the physiology of human skin.

Physiological products

All Dermophisiologique products are the result of a physiological approach, that respects the nature of human skin while targeting the specific causes of each beauty problem. This guarantees maximum tolerability, even for the most sensitive, problematic or impoverished skins, with real, visible, lasting results.

Sustainable choices:

We respect skin and the environment.
Since 2000, all Dermophisiologique products are free from mineral oils, petroleum derivatives, synthetic dyes, added parabens, Alcohol. Because your skin is made by nature and depends on nature.

We use 100% recycled FSC certified paper, water based colors and 0% plastic packaging. What's more, all Dermophisiologique rinse-off products have OECD 301F tested biodegradable formulas.

You can rely on us

We want what you want: beautiful, healthy, natural skin.
Dermophisiologique products are formulated according to an exclusive D5SF© registered formulation method, dermatologically tested products and certified of proved efficacy. Products made in Italy, created in Dermophisiologique's own laboratories, with Raw materials of certified EEC origin.

All internal processes follow rigorous ISO 9001-2015 certified quality standards

We are a Benefit Corporation, certified B Corp since 2015: a new, more sustainable, ethical business model that prioritizes the environment and society.

In 2021 we achieved our third B Corp recertification after completing the detailed vertical B Impact Assessment process that covered all aspects of our business, with our best ever result: 86.3

Together with other major B Corporations in the cosmetic sector around the world, Dermophisiologique is part of B Beauty: the aim of the B Corp Beauty Coalition is to raise public awareness, improve the sustainability standards of the beauty industry and trigger positive changes for society and the environment.

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