Secure Payment

Every purchase made using the "" website is highly secure thanks to our use of the most advanced technological systems and secure coding (SSL), plus VeriSign and ATW certification.

In order to protect your purchases when paying by credit card, you will always be asked to enter your CVV code. Rest assured: we only use secure connections, as indicated by the padlock symbol that appears on the screen, plus the prefix "https" in your browser's address bar.

Moreover, for added security, all orders paid for by credit or debit card must be approved of by "". Our Payments Department may also contact you for further payment details before we confirm your order.

VAT and Invoicing

All prices shown are VAT inclusive.

See our Legal Area for further information.

Please take great care when filling in all the fields in the invoicing form, as we cannot change your tax code or VAT number if these are incorrect.

The invoice is sent together with the shipment.

Unfortunately, as our invoicing system is fully automated, we cannot change any of the invoicing details you entered when placing your order nor can we issue you with a new invoice at a later date.

Payment methods

We accept all major credit cards with the Visa, MasterCard and JCB logo, prepaid cards and Maestro or Visa Electron cards.

Once your order has been confirmed, the corresponding sum will be authorised and deducted from your card.
After confirming your order data, you will be asked to access your PayPal account to effect payment. Your PayPal account will be debited as soon as you complete your order.
You can choose to pay by "Cash on Delivery". There is an additional cost of €6.00 in this case.

You must have the exact amount of cash ready to hand at delivery. The courier cannot accept cheques or give you any change.

N.B.: Please note you need to provide us with details of a bank account or post office account should you require a refund.