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Ontherapy® “vapo no gas”, alcohol free, gentle deodorant does not contain aluminum salts.
Protects and hydrates the skin without interfering with natural cutaneous transpiration.

It acts externally during sweating, making it impossible for unwanted bacteria and pathogens to attach themselves to the surface of the skin by coating this with a natural film, based on glucose, the most common sugar in nature. This protective layer has skin affinity and the anti-adhesion properties needed to prevent the formation of bad odors. A deodorant with proven high tolerability that is also suitable for sensitive skin, even during oncological therapy.

- Parabens
- Isotiazolinones
- Silicons
- Alcohol
- Aluminum salts
- Gas

● Prevents bad odors
● Bacterostatic
● Protecting
● Hydrating
● Balances cutaneous bacterial flora

Ontherapy® deodorant is gentle and alcohol free, contains no aluminum salts and reduces body odor without compromising the natural balance of local bacterial flora.


Skin type

Ontherapy Deodorant is gentle on the skin and is particularly suitable for all skin types, even sensitive, reactive skin and during oncological therapy.

Ideal for

Eliminate bad odors in specific areas of the body (armpits, feet) thanks to its bacteriostatic action. It soothes irritation and restores the correct level of skin hydration without interfering with the sweating process.


Apply the deodorant to dry clean skin, 2/3 sprays per zone. Allow to dry.


Watery deodorant lotion “Vapo no gas” and alcohol free


By choosing this product, you support together with us the Environment and the Community. Dermophisiologique is the first company in the world in the professional dermocosmetics sector to be a certified B-Corp: a new way of doing business, transparent and responsible.

The respect of the environment starts from the selection and procedures of extraction of raw materials and follows the whole products manufacturing process, entirely Made in Italy, from the selcyion of packaging done with FCS certified paper. Inside each of Dermophisiologique's products are scientific research, continuous professional qualification and business ethics made of honesty, trustworthiness and respect for the value of the people that together with the Company share the Excellence in Quality Mission in all aspects of life.

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