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Recommended to maintain the physiological draining and depurative functions of the body.
Draining and depurative dietary supplement.

FUNCTIONAL PRINCIPLES: Orthosiphon, Nettle, Dandelion, Burdock, Agro dry apples, Gymnema, Pineapple, Centella Asiatica

Plants and extracts stimulate the functions of specific organs such as the liver, intestine and kidney, and for the protection and rebalancing of the venous-lymphatic circulation.
Orthosiphon, and Nettle, stimulate diuresis, Burdock, Dandelion, Agro dry apples, help digestion and metabolism of food; Gymnema extract reduces by 50% the absorption of sugar, pineapple facilitates the absorption of liquids; Centella Asiatica favors venous lymphatic drainage.
Cellulite, water retention, overweight, heavy legs, impure skin take advantage of this supplement that makes a profound and effective purifying and draining action.

Alleviates fatigue, heaviness and water retention.


Skin type

Ideal for

Swollen and heavy legs.


At the start of each Dermophisiologique slimming program and season changes. 2 tablets par day.



By choosing this product, you support together with us the Environment and the Community. Dermophisiologique is the first company in the world in the professional dermocosmetics sector to be a certified B-Corp: a new way of doing business, transparent and responsible.

The respect of the environment starts from the selection and procedures of extraction of raw materials and follows the whole products manufacturing process, entirely Made in Italy, from the selcyion of packaging done with FCS certified paper. Inside each of Dermophisiologique's products are scientific research, continuous professional qualification and business ethics made of honesty, trustworthiness and respect for the value of the people that together with the Company share the Excellence in Quality Mission in all aspects of life.

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