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CelluBloc Cream

€ 85.00

Physiological liquid crystal emulsion to treat cellulite, orange peel or mattress skin appearance.
- 1.1 cm volume reduction of the treated area*
- 75% orange peel skin and pain on palpation
+ 85% smoothness and skin tone**

tests carried out for 60 days by University Institutes on women age between 25 and 60 years with III and stage IV cellulite, without changing the usual lifestyle.

*Certificates of proven effectiveness.
**Self-assessment of treated patients

Reduces the appearance of orange peel skin and mattress skin avoiding hardening and depressions and restoring its natural biodynamic elastic structure, firmness and hydration. Sweet clover extract (Melilot) drain fluids and toxins, the red wine extract, rich in polyphenols, restores and protects the superficial microcirculation. The Ginkgo Biloba supply oxygen with an immediate energizing effect on skin tissues. The metabolic activity is stimulated by caffeine, carnitine and phosphatidylcholine, known for its lipolytic properties.

Reduction of volume of the treated area and restoration of normal skin elasticity is real and visible. In a short time the " holes " are filled, the hardened and tight appearance is reduced and the color becomes normal, the surface is elastic, smooth and flattened again.


Skin type


Ideal for

treating cellulite problems


Every day, morning and night, after Cellubloc Serum.




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